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Sunday, July 25, 2010

God's fingerprint

God's fingerprint can be found on all beauty, both man-made and natural. Whether He uses mankind to create architectural wonders or to produce art, music and literature, or chooses the humble bumblebee to pollinate the flowers that make us smile and the fields of crops that feed the souls and stomachs of the world; whether He trusts the chattering squirrels with planting mighty forests one sapling at a time or employs the moon-driven ocean tides and relentless river currents to sculpt the continents and carve great canyons--it's all at His pleasure and in His good time.
It's up to us to seek out and appreciate the many glorious wonders He's placed along our paths. It's not always easy to see the beauty--sometimes it's tucked away in the not-so-pretty aspects of life here on earth. But it's there. And He knows it's there and He knows He put it there for our pleasure.

God wants us to know it's there, to seek it out, to acknowledge the beauty, to worship Him for His love and glory and splendor and power, to enjoy the gifts He's so graciously given us. There are bits of beauty everywhere we look. Let's not let these tiny miracles go unnoticed and unappreciated. Won't you take a closer look?

See you along the trail...

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