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Friday, August 20, 2010

Buggy beauty...

Bugs are not my favorite of God's creations. While they serve a valued purpose, they are (for the most part), a creepy lot and I could do without running into any of them on a regular basis. But even the uglier things in this world have a certain beauty attached to them, if in no other way than in the intricacies of their design. No, this bee isn't as cuddly as a caterpillar or as delicate and friendly as a butterfly, but he (she?) is:  
1. colorful,
2. well designed,
3. industrious,
4. big-eyed,
5. long-legged,
6. gets the job done,
7. no doubt dislikes us about as much as we do him/her, and finally,
8. has the good sense to hang around beautiful, fragrant flowers. 

Maybe God thought we'd disturb bees and keep them from doing their all-important jobs if He made them cute and cuddly. Maybe He gave them stingers for the sole purpose of making sure we kept our hands off them and let them get on with the job He assigned them to do, i.e., pollinate, proliferate many species, and in some cases, make honey.

Come to think of it, even we humans aren't all that gorgeous all the time. Maybe bees view us (with those enormous buggy eyes of theirs) with a shudder and comment to one another that they hate it when we get in the way by hanging around their workplace, cutting down their flowers and swatting at them and just plain buzzing around them annoyingly.

I guess it's all a matter of point of view.

See you along the trail...

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