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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Wild Rose of Summer

It's summertime in Alaska, and while that's true of most of the northern hemisphere, up here summer is a great ...big ... deal. At least it is to me.

 A wild Alaska rose blooms alongside a river as a beautiful
example of God's provision.
Alaska's winters come early and stay late. The aftermath of all that snow is not a pretty sight, as it melts in big piles of slushy mush and dirt. They don't use salt up here to get rid of snow; instead they use sand or another sand-like substance. It's probably better on our car bodies, but it wreaks havoc with the roads when it's no longer needed. Once the snow is gone, the trash is visible, and once that's gone, we're left with great gobs of dirt on the roads and sidewalks. Eventually, crews are able to clean the streets and roads, but not before the wind picks it up and dust devils run amok.

But once all that winter detritus is gone, the greenery of springtime and the beauty of Alaska's flowering trees and bushes reign supreme. Yes, the season is short, but it's also magnificent. Seeing the glories of God's creation, even for the short time they're available to us, is at once humbling and joyous. He didn't have to give us the variety of flowers, birds, butterflies, trees, plants, and every other conceivable facet of nature He provided for our pleasure and nourishment, but He did. Walk deep into the woods and you'll find wildflowers that perhaps one person will see before it dies, but He placed it there for someone's (and He knew who it would be) pleasure. Nature is a constant reminder of our Father's loving kindness and utterly phenomenal, unmatched creativity.

Just as He created the universe and all its mysteries for our enjoyment and exploration, He also provided the tiniest of pleasures for those who are willing to take the time to look around. Beauty surrounds us at every turn. It's up to us to find it (just open our eyes), appreciate it (breathe a prayer of thanksgiving), and acknowledge that He did all this for us (tell the world). It's that simple.

See you along the trail...

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