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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking up....

Just when I think God has given us all the beauty and grandeur of winter He could possibly create, He comes up with yet another glorious wonder for us to enjoy.

This picture was taken near Portage Glacier in Alaska on a drive down Turnagain Arm this past weekend. The snow still lies deep upon the mountains in this part of the state (about an hour south of Anchorage). Etched against the clear blue sky, the peaks towered high overhead as I tried to capture each and every sight.

I spotted a shelf of snow and ice at the very top of this peak that juts over the edge in a delicate balancing act. Wind, sun, snow, ice, and cold temperatures have combined to form this incredibly beautiful, yet fragile display of God's love for us. Although the cool, clear air, bright sun, blue skies, towering mountain peaks, and blindingly white snow smoothed like icing over a large, lumpy cake, would surely have sufficed in the beauty department, God gave us one final flourish--sort of the curlicue atop a soft-serve ice cream cone--as yet another reminder that He loves us enough to keep on giving and givng and giving.

I keep reminding myself to look down along the trail to make sure I don't miss some of God's smallest gifts. Once in a while, though, I have to remember to look up.

See you along the trail....

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