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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silent sentinels...

Seeing a bald eagle here in Alaska is nothing unusual (although I never thought I'd hear myself saying something like that). But they seem to thrive up here and watching them drift on the currents overhead is a pastime I will never tire of, nor take for granted. Even for Alaska, though, the sight of two of them on the same branch--standing guard from their lofty perch over the snow-covered land spread beneath them --is probably something I will never again see.

I was fortunate that they sat there long enough for me to situate myself (alongside a well-traveled road here on base) and take several shots of their silent vigil. More and more, I realize that although being on the lookout for wildlife is a big (and necessary) part of actually spotting it, vigilance and a keen eye aren't all that's required. Good fortune (as in "God sends opportunities my way on an incredibly regular basis") factors into the equation, as well.

Thank You, God, for knowing my heart and arranging opportunities for me to see You in action.

See you along the trail...

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  1. What a beautiful photo, Dee! We had one way at the top of one of our very, very tall fir trees two summers ago. Haven't seen one since.